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    The 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Fail at Personal Branding

    We all know personal branding is critical for entrepreneurs. If someone is going to buy from you, they need to understand who you are, what you stand for and the value you bring. But too many entrepreneurs fall short, either ignoring their personal brand (“my work speaks for itself”) or muffing the execution. I’ve spent several years studying best practices in personal branding, interviewing dozens of professionals for my book Reinventing You. Here are the top three ways I’ve seen entrepreneurs fail at personal branding — and how you can avoid those mistakes. 1. Assuming they already understand their personal brand. It’s easy to think we understand our personal brand. It’s basically how we think of ourselves, right? Of course, the moment we take a deeper look, it’s easy to see the fallacy. Your personal brand isn’t what you say
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    Selfies for SMBs’ Marketing Strategies (Not Just for Teens and Celebrities)

    “Selfie: A self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.” —Wikipedia Chances are you’ve not only heard of selfies by now but also taken your own, whether you’re a teen or a Baby Boomer. In fact, the popularity of the selfie seems unstoppable as people keep taking pics of themselves with nearly ubiquitous smartphones and posting them to social media sites—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and more. So how is this trend relevant to promoting your business? The selfie has opened up opportunities for brands to market themselves online. Selfies are highly effective at driving likes, shares, and comments on a user’s post, and brands can make use of this trend to increase awareness of and engagement with their products and services among fans and followers. If your business hasn’t tapped into the power of
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    2015 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing

    “Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.” —Ernest Hemingway Show, don’t tell. That is the simplest yet most powerful lesson a storyteller can learn. As marketers put more emphasis on content that tells a story, we need to remember that old writing adage—even though it’s much easier said than done. Fortunately, today’s marketers are using video to put the emphasis on showing. Video is the perfect format for quickly grabbing busy audiences’ attention. It enables strong storytelling in a short but memorable format that viewers can enjoy—and marketers can measure. Grabbing the attention of potential customers is more important than ever in a world where buyers do most of their own research online before ever contacting a vendor. We have to cut through the noise and engage our prospects with content that entertains, inspires, and educates them about what we
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    The Evolving Sales Funnel

    There is a lot of talk about the death of the sales funnel, but I disagree. The sales funnel is very much alive; it has, however, evolved. We are now in the Digital Age. Consumers no longer travel straight down the traditional sales funnel; rather, they come in and out at different stages—sometimes even going silent for months before they come back to purchase. With such unpredictable buying behaviors, the traditional sales funnel no longer accurately depicts the buying process. The general stages of the traditional sales funnel haven’t changed, but what has changed is the level of influence marketing has at each level. With the consumer’s having so much control, Marketing now plays a much larger role in relation to Sales than ever before, making the need for collaboration between the two even more important. Traditionally, Marketing has been
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